Rating: M
Length: 97 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Rating: M 97’ sex scenes and drug use
Cast: Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, Claire Danes, Mark Hamill, Greg Kinnear
Director: Dave McCary

The show "Brigsby Bear Adventures" is a children's television program produced for an audience of one: James Pope. When the series abruptly ends, Pope's life changes forever as he sets out to finish the storyline himself. To do that, he must learn how to cope with the realities of a new world that he knows nothing about.

""Brigsby Bear" is a funny, oddly touching look at the pros and cons of millennials' tendency to obsess over pop culture."

"An oddball charmer of a motion picture about nostalgia, the pursuit of artistic passion and a coming of age bizarrely delayed and uniquely fulfilled."
- Globe and Mail
* Cry Baby Session