Rating: EX15+
Length: 90 minutes
General short film program E15+
Length: 94 min

The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich
Drama Length: 11.24
On the 21st October 1978 a young pilot Frederick Valentich disappeared over the Bass Strait in mysterious circumstances. His last words to the air traffic controller in Tullamarine before vanishing were: “My intentions are, ah, to go to King Island. Ah, Melbourne that strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. Its hovering and its not an aircraft. It is …..”. Frederickʼs plane was never recovered.
Director/Producer: Luke Robson
Luke has been working in Film & TV for the past 20 years. He started off as an actor before moving behind the camera. Primarily he has been working as one of Melbourne’s most trusted acting tutors for over 15 years at the Acting Performance Studio. In 2017 Lukeʼs short film ‘Words of a Teenage Writerʼ won Best Short at the Action on Film International Film Festival and was Runner Up Best Short Short Film at the Hollywood Dreams.

Comedy Length:14.59
An uptight Karratha security guard shows an over-enthusiastic rookie the ropes while a heist is planned behind their backs.
Finalist: Best Short Feature, Best Film West, Best Director, Best Screenwriter,
Director: Henry Inglis
Producer: Cath Trimboli
Henry Inglis is a writer and director who has been developing and producing comedy projects over the last 10 years. His first foray into writing was as part of comedy team Henry & Aaron, in which he produced his first web series 7 Steps to Superstardom, and viral sensations It’s A Snap! and Set Yourself Free. In 2012 he co-founded digital production company Mad Kids, and under this banner has written and directed four projects for the ABC: DAFUQ?, The Shapes, The Legend of Gavin Tanner, The Write Stuff with Noel & Carl Pennyman.
8 Letter Word
Comedy Length: 6.26
A man calls a brothel for an escort but gets more than he bargained for from the Brothel Madame.
Director: Tom Vogel
Producer: Tom Vogel/Vikki Blinks
Tom Vogel is an actor/writer/director/producer. In the last 13 years he has directed 15 short films, the web series’ Super Problems and The Making Of Serbs In Space (selected for the LA WEBFEST), and co-produced cult feature film Dace Declan-Private Eye. He was festival director of The Angry Film Festival and currently runs West Side Shorts. His previous short film One Second is currently still doing the festival circuit and will be screening at the Playbutton Film Festival in India

Man Cave
Comedy Length: 5.19
Pete thinks he might be a werewolf. His wife thinks he just needs a good feed.
Director/Producer: Andrew Robb
Originally from Canberra Australia, Andrew worked for several years as an actor in the UK. He also produced the cult hit Australian comedy ‘The Vegemite Tales’ in London’s West End before moving back to settle in Melbourne’s Sunshine. He has been making short films for the past ten years. His quirky films tell simple stories with a common thread – usually managing to warp the laws of physics and nature. He takes inspiration from Mel Brooks and David Zucker. Credits include the award winning documentary short Tofu Man (nominated for best doco, St Kilda Film Festival 2014) and the short no-dialogue comedy Cook Book.

Peter, Lola & Cruickshank Park
Documentary Length: 3.05
Lola and Peter Anderson are long-term Yarraville residents, who passionately campaigned for the establishment of Cruickshank Park and continue to support the on-going development of park today.
Director/Producer: Laurens Gould
Laurens Goud is a Melbourne based film maker and creative project producer. After graduating with a degree in Arts Journalism in 2009 and inspired by international travels Laurens together with friend Jackson McInerney founded digital storytelling business Trade Creative. Seven years, on Laurens continues to produce and direct film and creative projects at Trade Creative. A passion for people and community development have led to the We Are West web series that has caught the imagination of a passionate local audience.

Animation Length: 6.32
How does the past affect the present? How has the city changed over the past 300 years? What do you remember from your ancestors? ArtLife animators use their memories and imaginations to create a digital image of what the future may become.
Finalist: Best Film West
Director/Co-Director: David Pennay, Ester Tuddenham
Producer: David Pennay
ArtLife animators are a passionate group of cross-disciplinary artists working at Foostcray Community Arts Centre - FCAC ArtLife. They draw from their life experiences and interest in the world around them. They are particularly interested in exploring the way in which graphic illustration, combined with analogue and digital animation, is unique and captures real time art making through media.
Exhibiting artists include: Chelsea Michelle, Daniel Doherty, Daniel Munnery, Alisha O’Neill, Ester Tuddenham, Jay Euesden, Marco Avila, Paul Sunderland, Filippo Signorelli, Pamela Debrincat, Megan Hunter and Teagan Connor.

Hell of a Day
Horror Length: 12.09
In post apocalyptic Australia, hoards of zombies have begun to take over cities and towns. A wounded lone survivor in need of medical attention, food and shelter finds herself in an abandoned inn. She discovers that she isn’t alone and danger is closing in on her.
Director:Evan Hughes
Producers: Evan Hughes/Mark Bakaitis
Evan Hughes, an award winning filmmaker from Australia works as a freelance camera operator and editor for his own business and as a rigger at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where he has developed his filmmaking skills. Evan’s previous animated film ‘Balloon Ride’ was a success on the festival circuit, receiving praise for its raw intensity and focus on domestic violence issues.

Lifting Clouds
Drama Length: 13.23
Three generations of women in one family grapple with their emotions and feelings on euthanasia when the grandmother in the family decides that she cannot cope with her illness anymore.
Director/Producer: Stella Dimadis
After graduating with her Masters in Film and Video from Deakin University in 2012, Stella Dimadis set up her own Production business, Medea Films, which focuses on developing and producing short films, feature films and TV series. She is a co-producer and presenter on She Shot TV; a program about women in the film and entertainment industry. Her short, 25.12, which she wrote, directed and produced, has been included in 25 International Film Festivals to date, winning best Cinematography at the 9th Indie Fest USA, 2016.

Roof Knocking
Drama: Length: 12:04
Best Short Film Cairo International Film Festival 2017
Director: Sina Salimi
Producer: Sergio Salaza
Gaza, mid-Ramadan. A mother struggles to abandon her home as she receives a phone threat giving her 10 minutes to leave. What is lost when the bomb hits?
Sian Salimi is an emerging filmmaker.

Drama Length: 5.44
A man is in a book room full of unidentified books. He has to piece the whole story together.
Director: Olivier Bonenfant
Producer: Olivier Bonenfant/Filmonik Melbourne
Making creative, spontaneous and energetic short films is what has been driving Olivier Bonenfant since he began his 15 year adventure in directing for TV, VFX for feature films and the gaming industry; and motion graphics for television and advertising companies. Originally from Quebec, Olivier had the chance to shoot and screen short films in Canada, the USA, France, Belgium, Russia, Sweden and Madagascar as part of the Kino Movement and is now taking care of the Kino/Filmonik open filmmaking group in Melbourne, Australia.

The Agony and the Allergies
Comedy Length: 4.40
From the web series Little Acorns. A work place comedy set in a child care centre
Directors: Trudy Hellier / Maria Theodorakis / Chris Benz
Starring Katerina Kotsonis and Rachel Griffiths. Funded by Screen Australia.
* Cry Baby Session