Rating: G
Year: 1937
Length: 132 minutes
To commemorate the Eightieth Anniversary of the Sun Theatre we are taking a trip down memory lane and screening MAYTIME, the first film ever screened at The Sun. (All tickets to this screening will be at senior's ticket prices and include a free lunch.)

Genre: Musical romance
Rating G 138'
Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, John Barrymore
Director: Robert Z. Leonard

The aging Marcia Mornay looks back on her long life and career as a renowned opera singer. As a young woman, she is trained by expert vocal teacher Nikolai Nazarov . When Nikolai asks Marcia to marry him, she agrees to the wedding because, although she does not love her instructor, she is unwilling to break his heart. Just before her wedding, though, Marcia meets and falls in love with aspiring singer Paul Allison.
* Cry Baby Session