Rating: EX15+
Length: 120 minutes
Sponsored by Film Art Media
Winner to receive Film Art Media Award For Best Film By A Female Filmmaker, presented by Sue Maslin.
Length: 120 min

A Terrible Beauty
Science Fiction Length: 11.32
After her father destroys her prototype ‘Soulmate’ robot, Olivia questions her fundamental belief in a world without suffering and the nature of love.
Finalist: Best Short Feature, Best West, Best Actress, Best Film By A Female Filmmaker, Best Director, Best Screenwriter
Director: Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Producer: Anna Kojevnikov/Sally Storey
Sarah-Jane Woulahan is an award-winning director of drama, comedy, music video, documentary and transmedia who is known for her visual flair and original ideas across all genres in moving image. Her short films A Terrible Beauty, Acts of God, I love Like Blood, The Irving Hand Prophecy, Ward of State and Stanley Ovation P.I. have screened at around Australia and internationally. The feature incarnation of A Terrible Beauty was funded by Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Brilliant Stories Initiative.

Animation-documentary Length: 7.46
Life was full of challenges in the Seventies! The local people of Bangor City in Wales share their fond memories of their youth.
Finalist: Best Film By A Female Filmmaker
Best Animation, Best Film By A Female Filmmaker (Rouge Program)
Director/Producer: Viviane Peoc’h
From Brittany in France, Viviane graduated with a First Class Degree in Animation, Visual Effects and Game Art from the North Wales School of Art and Design in UK in 2014. After two years of experience in set, props, model, puppet design and making for theatre, she specialized in stop-motion, as it became obvious to her that it was the right path for her. In 2013 and 2016, she organized stop motion workshops leading to the creation of short animated films with youths having autism or speech impairment conditions.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Drama Length: 12.17
Ellie is an insecure teenage girl who takes all her frustration out on her sweet and neglected mother, Sarah. Desperate to feel beautiful and loved Ellie enters a beauty pageant at the local RSL but by the end of the night Ellie realises what it really means to be beautiful and that if you take the ones you love for granted you will lose them.
Finalist: Best Tertiary
Director/Producer: Claudia Holmes
Claudia Rose Holmes is a Tasmanian filmmaker who moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Film & Television at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Drama Length: 15.00
Aisha and her friends are planning a slumber party before they all start different High Schools. Her mother, however, has other plans – forcing Aisha to stay with her Grandmother for a week before she leaves for Somalia indefinitely.
Finalist: Best Film Cultural Diversity
Director: Ayan Yusuf
Producer/Co-Producer: Ayan Yusuf, Ali Bore Dahe, Thi Nguyen
Ayan Yusuf is a photographer and an emerging filmmaker from Melbourne. She specializes in creating images and films that question our living world and the way we all connect with it. She explores issues of race, identity and our overall interactions with one another.

The House on The Corner
Comedy Length: 3.59
A night jogger makes a harrowing discovery about his neighbours.
Director/Producer: Alita Graziano
Born in California and raised on television, filmmaker Alita Graziano migrated to Australia at the age of 8 with her mother and three siblings. Her formative years were spent watching movies and making home videos. As she grew up, she branched into the visual arts, music and writing and filmmaking.

My Little Life
Comedy Length: 15.00
A documentary produced by Tokyo Chuo Media about Nancy Matsuyama, a rising star in the world of competitive dollhouse making.
Finalist: Best Comedy Best Short Feature, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenwriter
Director: David Willing
Producer: Amy Elizabeth Price
Amy Elizabeth Price is an artist whose starring roles have garnered her international recognition with screenings and awards from Italy, USA and the UK. Her projects have screened on five continents at film festivals, universities and industry functions. In 2017, she began writing and producing, resulting in the comedy delight My Little Life, in which she also stars. She is currently developing a web series focusing on the wonderful world of ASMR.

Documentary Length: 4.58
A documentary that follows Afro-textured hair individuals living in Australia. Sparked by the natural hair movement all over the world, we witness how a community responds to the typical Australian beauty standards.
Finalist: Best Film Cultural Diversity
Director/Producer: Ivy Mutuku
Ivy is a Kenyan born, Australian raised, Melbourne filmmaker with a fire for visual storytelling. She uses her abilities to visually present life in beautiful, innocent and varied shades of nuance. Growing up as an African living in Australia; her stories and experiences that many go through aren’t presented publicly. She takes this as an opportunity to create content that not only educates but leaves audiences understanding the beauty of the untold.

Drama Length: 6.58
A teenage girl on her way home encounters a man who wants her attention
Finalist: Best Film By A Female Filmmaker.
Director: Nina Buxton
Producer/Co-Producer: Emma Roberts and Stephanie Westwood.
Nina Buxton is an Australian director and 2015 graduate of The Victorian College of the Arts. Her short films have screened at a range of national and international film festivals including Flickerfest, Melbourne International Film Festival, and she was recently awarded ‘Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year’ at Byron Bay Film Festival. Nina is currently working as an executive assistant at television production company Gristmill.

Somersault Pike
Drama Length: 6.30
A competitive diver faces her fears while taking on new heights.
Finalist: Best Film By A Female Filmmaker
Director: Kate Lefoe
Producer: Honeylyn Lisson
Kate Lefoe recently directed three episodes of the second season of the hit web series I Can’t Even. She was awarded a place in the International Filmmaking Academy Master class in Italy in 2016. Her queer short film Plunge screened at 45 international festivals, winning awards and was recently picked up for distribution with Peccadillo Pictures. Kate’s award winning documentary short Age, Height, Education about the Shanghai marriage markets screened around the world.

Drama Length: 2.50
Nothing’s going to stand in the way of what Abby wants; not school, not her mum, and definitely not her best friends: Nina and Amiel. They’re skipping last period to get Abby ready, before her boyfriend arrives. But has Abby got everything she needs to be safe?
Director/Producer: Leticia Cáceres
Leticia Cáceres was Associate Director for Melbourne Theatre Company between 2013-2016. Her work has received Helpmann, Green Room and Sydney Theatre Awards. Leticia is a recipient of Screen Australia’s Gender Matters – Brilliant Careers grant, to support her transition into screen. In 2017, she completed VCA’s Film and TV’s Foundations program and self-funded and directed two short films: Wild, which won the London Film Awards Best New Director Award, and The True History of Billie the Kid.

Along the Way - El Camino
Documentary Length: 3.50
Needing to start over, one woman undertakes a journey of nearly 900kms across Spain by foot, finding the things she needed all along.
Finalist: Best Documentary
Director/Producer: Emma Buglisi
Emma is a local in Yarraville, although it’s her giant dog Dutch most people know. She has a passion for visual storytelling and has been making films for over ten years.

Flicking the Bean
Comedy Length: 5.16
Prim little Beth has yet to discover the magic of ‘flicking the bean’ to the horror of her best friend Jo, so she embarks on a surreal journey of self-discovery and, most importantly, self-love.
Director: Jemma Cotter
Producer: Brett Tinning
Jemma Cotter is a filmmaker who grew up on the small island of Honiara in the Solomon Islands. She moved to Melbourne in order to attain a Bachelor of Film & Television from Swinburne University. She won a Highly Commended award from Tropfest for her short ‘Pills of Wisdom’ and is currently a creative Content Director at Y&R Melbourne.

Sexy Herpes
Comedy Length: 10.00
Sarah’s a sexual health nurse who’s permanently having a bad day. Her patients are hypochondriacs and horse-f*ckers; Her boss always overshares,. And her therapist just told her she screams, ‘dead mother’.
Director:Madeleine Dyer
Producer: Daniel Mulvihill
Over the years, Mads has co-written, directed and produced many different narrative short films, notably Cabbie Confessions with comedian Matt Okine. In 2015, Casa Del Crip, a short film in collaboration with the late comedian and disability activist Stella Young, was a finalist in the AACTA Social Shorts competition. Her short film, Love Sick was also a finalist in the Tropfest/NPS competition last year. In 2016, her short film, Neighbourhood Wars, screened at Cannes in the Short Film Corner and took out a competition category for Best Film in the Capricorn Film Festival at the end of last year. Mads is co-writing a feature film, Trouble Karma Freakshow.

Twirl de Lux
Experimental Length: 5.00
When women dance it is a revolutionary act. A woman thinks of herself, of her body, as she twirls. She puts herself first. When my mother died I couldn’t breathe. I spent days digging though film and photos to curate a moving-image adoration for her Irish wake. I watched her life rush back and forth beneath my fingertips. Tears blurred detail allowing a panorama that revealed she had stopped dancing. We struggle to put ourselves first. We don’t feel safe. She had meant for her daughters to keep dancing. The world needs saving. We are pushed to bend convention yet frowned on when we do. Freedom is fragile. Our bodies are the front line. Our daughters are watching.
Director/Producer: Erin McCuskey
Erin works with still images, moving images, word and projections, mixing them like paints. Mixing portrait images and heritage footage allows her to make heartfelt motion images. Layers of mesmeric motion creating portraits on heritage, feminisms, human rights, concepts of time and breaths of memory.

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