Rating: EX15+
Length: 90 minutes
General short film program
Rating: E15+ 96.45'

Virtual Burglary
Comedy Length: 3.43
A home burglary doesn’t go to plan when the homeowner is distracted.
Director/Producer: Gary Hegedus
Gary started a successful a production company in 2000 with a $400 handy cam and pair of garage lights. He has won several awards for short films and music videos with a core business producing corporate videos, TV ads, show reels for presenters and actors, on-line videos, short films and documentaries. Gary now makes short films, music videos as a freelance filmmaker.

Air Rage
Comedy Length: 6.41
A pilot has to deal with an unresponsive plane but in that flight path the plane difficulties may not be the worst thing about the situation.
Director: Olivier Bonenfant
Producer: Olivier Bonenfant/ Kino Sydney
Creative, spontaneous and energetic short films is what drives Olivier Bonenfant. He has had a15 year adventure in directing for TV, VFX for feature films and the gaming industry. Originally from Quebec, Olivier had the chance to shoot short films in Canada, the USA, France, Belgium, Russia, Sweden and Madagascar as part of the Kino Movement. He now takes care of the Kino/Filmonik group in Melbourne, Australia.

For Your Safety
Drama Length: 3.17
A Man hatches a plot to catch an online predator.
Director/Producer: Dan Walls
Dan recently completed his Master of Arts (Writing) at Swinburne University. His final project “Meeka” went on to enjoy a successful season at fortyfivedownstairs in 2016 with Melbourne theatre company Hoy Polloy. He won Best Direction, Best Screenplay and The Screen Producer’s Association of Australia (SPAA) Award for Excellence for “Unky Doom”, his graduating film from Murdoch University at the WA Film and Television Institute’s Screen Awards last century.

Documentary Length: 5.43
In 1966 hundreds of school kids became witness to one of the biggest UFO sightings in history. What they have in common is five words: ‘I know what I saw.’ In this six minute documentary, we hear their story.
Finalist: Best Documentary
Director: Shane Gardam Producer/Co-producer: Shane Gardam/Xavier Brydges
Shane Gardam is a passionate filmmaker whose skills have lead him to helm several projects over his tenure at university. He has a keen interest in directing and storytelling. In 2017 he had the chance to hear the stories of the witnesses to the 1966 Westall UFO sighting and create a documentary about the event. He also directed the anti-political comedy Between Two Rocks.

What If
Science Fiction Length:13.32
After burning down an old shack with his friends, Jimmy discovers his actions created a doorway to alternate dimensions. As Jimmy begins to test his luck in the infinite universes he travels to, he begins to realise this may have been more of a curse than a blessing.
Director/Producer: Michael Ridley
Michael is a tertiary student filmmaker.

Sigmund Fraud
Comedy Length: 5.00
Dr. Overberg.... every patient’s nightmare: a narcissistic psychologist who toys with his patients, using their problems against them for his own amusement. A man that might just be more disturbed then the people that come to him for help. He is truly a Sigmund Fraud.
Director: Robert P. Fantozzi/Conor A. Woods Producer: Angus Ward
Robert was born in Joburg South Africa. Conor grew up in rural Victoria. The two met while studying Media and Communication at RMIT. The pair have worked together on small yet successful projects.

Nasty Woman
Experimental Length: 4.25
Combining poetry, dance, and cinematography in a campaign against gender inequality, Nasty Woman is a response to social injustices while advocating for change.
Director/Producer: Hayleyann Evers
Hayleyann Evers is a student at Western Oregon University and her film has screened at the Western Oregon University Spring Dance Concert, PLATFORM; Interdisciplinary Arts Festival, and the North West Screendance Expo.

Drama Length: 5.34
Nostalgia follows 43 year old Claire who is faced with burning questions from those who are meant to love her most.
Director/Producer: Candy Christou
Completing a Bachelor of Film & Television at JMC Academy, Candy’s firm passion lies in feminist film making. Although Melbourne based, her dream is to continue her career in Los Angeles, breaking the glass ceiling that many women film makers endure. A seasoned film maker, Candy’s most recent work has consisted of the documentary ‘Unpacking Violence Against Women’ and the short thriller ‘Bait & Switch’.

Out of the Closets, Into the Streets
Documentary Length: 12.12
In 1970s Melbourne a group of students made a stand for gay pride at a time when homosexuality was criminalised and discrimination and abuse was widespread. When being gay meant hiding your true self. Where the act of coming out was a radical form of protest. More than 40 years on, Gay Liberation Front members reflect on the impact of those days
Finalist: Best Documentary.
Director: Jary Nemo Producer: Lucinda Horricks
Jary Nemo is the co-founder of the independent Australian production company Wind & Sky Productions. He has directed over 30 short films which engage audiences and are of social relevance, including the award-winning films Seeing the Land from an Aboriginal Canoe, 2015, Highly Commended MAGNA Awards 2016, and The Savoy Ladies Group, 2014, Winner, Best Film Cultural Diversity, Setting Sun Short Film Festival 2016.

Same Time Tomorrow
Drama Length: 9:54
A young man confronts his past and tries reconcile with his brother in the wake of a family tragedy.
Finalist: Best Film West; Best Short Feature; Best Screenwriter; Best Director
Director/Producer: Alex Cooke
Alex is an actor and aspiring filmmaker from the western suburbs of Melbourne. He has starred in various guest roles for film and TV, most recent of which was a small part in the SBS mini-series Sunshine. Same Time Tomorrow is a short film which marks Alex’s writing and directing debut.

My Guardian Angel
Romantic Comedy Length: 13:53
Newlyweds Abbi and Tom have been living in their new home for 6 months when their routine is shaken up by a shift in Tom’s roster at the hospital.
Director/Producer: W.D. Stevens
W.D. Stevens began his career whilst still in high school, producing film inserts for the school plays and taking work placements at local production companies like Trade Creative Media and Sue Maslin’s company Film Art Media during pre-production of The Dressmaker. W.D.’s first short film, He’s Got Character, was selected for the Setting Sun Short Film Festival in 2016.

Dignity of Risk
Animation Length: 15.00
Prof Joe, the geriatrician, is faced with some hard decisions when he discovers that his elderly patient, Mr Jones is no longer safe to live by himself at home.
Finalist: Best Film Cultural Diversity
Director/Producer: Prateek Bando
This short animation is made by Yarraville local Professor Joseph Ibrahim, who is a geriatrician and campaigner for protecting the rights of the elderly with chronic medical issues. The film is about the rights of the elderly, diagnosed with Dementia and about how some infringements of human rights can come out of well-intentioned attempts to protect people.
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