Rating: EX15+
Length: 150 minutes
Rating: E15+

Hosted by Janet McLeod
Launched by the Maribyrnong Mayor Cr. Cuc Lam.
Presentation of awards follow the screening.

My Little Life
Comedy Length: 15.00
A documentary produced by Tokyo Chuo Media about Nancy Matsuyama, a rising star in the world of competitive dollhouse making.
Finalist: Best Comedy Best Short Feature, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenwriter
Director: David Willing
Producer: Amy Price
Amy Elizabeth Price is an artist whose starring roles have garnered her international recognition with screenings and awards from Italy, USA and the UK. Her projects have screened on five continents at film festivals, universities and industry functions. In 2017, she began writing and producing, resulting in the comedy delight My Little Life, in which she also stars. She is currently developing a web series focusing on the wonderful world of ASMR.

Comedy Length:14.59
An uptight Karratha security guard shows an over-enthusiastic rookie the ropes while a heist is planned behind their backs.
Finalist: Best Short Feature, Best Film West, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Comedy
Director: Henry Inglis
Producer: Cath Trimboli
Henry Inglis is a writer and director who has been developing and producing comedy projects over the last 10 years. His first foray into writing was as part of comedy team Henry & Aaron, in which he produced his first web series 7 Steps to Superstardom, and viral sensations It’s A Snap! and Set Yourself Free. In 2012 he co-founded digital production company Mad Kids, and under this banner has written and directed four projects for the ABC: DAFUQ?, The Shapes, The Legend of Gavin Tanner, The Write Stuff with Noel & Carl Pennyman.

Animation Length: 11.19
Superheroes is a live action/animated short film which tells the story of a boy’s connection to his imagination. Ten year-old James uses his amazing talent of drawing his own superheroes as a sanctuary for safety, a way of keeping his family’s hopes for safety and respect alive in a household dominated by his father’s use of family violence.
Finalist: Best Animation
Director: Chris Busuttil
Producer: Jessica Pearce
Chris Busuttil’s short film “What’s on your mind?” represented Australia and won Best Film at the 2015 Global Road Safety Film Festival. He wrote & directed an award winning animated short ‘Second Chance’ which screened at the Melbourne International Animation Festival. It won ‘Best Short (Non-West)’ & ‘Best Animation’ at the inaugural Setting Sun Film Festival and was nominated for ‘Best Animation’ at the prestigious St Kilda Film Festival.

Through The Haze
Comedy Length: 10.47
When a hazing ritual at a construction site goes horribly wrong, things quickly spiral out of control.
Finalist: Best Short Feature; Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Screenwriter,
Director/Producer: Kieran Wheeler
Kieran Wheeler has spent over a decade working in the highly competitive Melbourne film industry, taking any opportunity to come his way.
Starting off as a production assistant at, The Picture Tank, he learnt under the tutelage of the brilliantly eccentric director, Dee McLachlan, working closely with her on the production of her feature film, 10 Terrorists. Now focusing solely on his passion for writing and directing.

Along the Way - El Camino
Documentary Length: 3.50
Needing to start over, one woman undertakes a journey of nearly 900kms across Spain by foot, finding the things she needed all along.
Finalist: Best Documentary
Director/Producer: Emma Buglisi
Emma is a local in Yarraville, although it’s her giant dog Dutch most people know. She has a passion for visual storytelling and has been making films for over ten years.

Drama Length: 15.00
Aisha and her friends are planning a slumber party before they all start different High Schools. Her mother, however, has other plans – forcing Aisha to stay with her Grandmother for a week before she leaves for Somalia indefinitely.
Finalist: Best Film Cultural Diversity, Best Film West
Director: Ayan Yusuf
Producer/Co-Producer: Ayan Yusuf, Ali Bore Dahe, Thi Nguyen
Ayan Yusuf is a photographer and an emerging filmmaker from Melbourne. She specializes in creating images and films that question our living world and the way we all connect with it. She explores issues of race, identity and our overall interactions with one another.

Documentary Length: 5.43
In 1966 hundreds of school kids became witness to one of the biggest UFO sightings in history. What they have in common is five words: ‘I know what I saw.’ In this six minute documentary, we hear their story.
Finalist: Best Documentary
Director: Shane Gardam
Producer/Co-producer: Shane Gardam/Xavier Brydges
Shane Gardam is a passionate filmmaker whose skills have lead him to helm several projects over his tenure at university. He has a keen interest in directing and storytelling. In 2017 he had the chance to hear the stories of the witnesses to the 1966 Westall UFO sighting and create a documentary about the event. He also directed the anti-political comedy Between Two Rocks

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Drama Length: 12.17
Ellie is an insecure teenage girl who takes all her frustration out on her sweet and neglected mother, Sarah. Desperate to feel beautiful and loved Ellie enters a beauty pageant at the local RSL but by the end of the night Ellie realises what it really means to be beautiful and that if you take the ones you love for granted you will lose them.
Finalist: Best Tertiary
Director/Producer: Claudia Holmes
Claudia Rose Holmes is a Tasmanian filmmaker who moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Film & Television at the Victorian College of the Arts.

A Terrible Beauty
Science Fiction Length: 11.32
After her father destroys her prototype ‘Soulmate’ robot, Olivia questions her fundamental belief in a world without suffering and the nature of love.
Finalist: Best Short Feature, Best Actress, Best Film By A Female Filmmaker; Best Director, Best Screenwriter
Director: Sarah-Jane Woulahan
Producer: Anna Kojevnikov/Sally Storey
Sarah-Jane Woulahan is an award‐winning director of drama, comedy, music video, documentary and transmedia who is known for her visual flair and original ideas across all genres in moving image. Her short films A Terrible Beauty, Acts of God, I love Like Blood, The Irving Hand Prophecy, Ward of State and Stanley Ovation P.I. have screened at around Australia and internationally. The feature incarnation of A Terrible Beauty was funded by Screen Australia’s Gender Matters Brilliant Stories Initiative.
* Cry Baby Session