Rating: EX15+
Length: 100 minutes
This program contains a film some viewers may find distressing.
Please read the through the list of films carefully.
Short film Session - Festival conclusion
Rating: E15+ 97.29'

Animation Length: 5.54
A couple constructs a massive cardboard plane for their nephew...but when they take it for a test flight, they find themselves fighting off an entire squadron of enemies! They’ll need more allies to win this battle.
Finalist: Best Animation
Director: Benoit McCullough
Producer: Scott Burgess
Benoit is a Melbourne based Camera Department Nerd. With his production team at 54th Story, he has been directing music videos as well as short films created for timed film festivals, such as the 24 Hour Film Race as well as some themed competitions such as Straight 8.

Comedy Length: 12.30
Lucía, a single thirty years old girl, realizes that all of her friends are getting married and she is going to be left on the shelf, so she decides to contact a dates website.
Director/Producer.:Paul Dean Vieillefrance
Paul is an emerging filmmaker from Spain.

Through The Haze
Comedy Length: 10.47
When a hazing ritual at a construction site goes horribly wrong, things quickly spiral out of control.
Finalist: Best Short Feature; Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Screenwriter,
Director/Producer: Kieran Wheeler
Kieran Wheeler, has spent over a decade working in the highly competitive Melbourne film industry, taking any opportunity to come his way.
Starting off as a production assistant at, The Picture Tank, he learnt under the tutelage of the brilliantly eccentric director, Dee McLachlan, working closely with her on the production of her feature film, 10 Terrorists. Now focusing solely on his passion for writing and directing.

The Trebek Technique
Comedy Length: 14.56
A sporting accident leaves Gracie searching for answers to questions, with a little inadvertent help from Alex Trebek.
Director/ Producer: Damian Harris
Hailing from Melbourne, Harris’ films to date have all had a very Melbourne feel about them. Harris has completed three short films, and his production company of Elfenshot Films has a six-part TV series and a musical-comedy feature currently in development.

Sea Legs
Documentary Length: 5.25
A short film featuring the skipper of one of the tugboats that meets ships coming into the port of Melbourne and the actual operations of the tugboats.
Director/Producer: Heather van Heerwaarden
Heather van Heerwaarden is a local artist and filmmaker. She trained as a painter but likes to tell stories through various media. She has previously produced a short film about the local Maltese community. Heather has lived in Williamstown for 20 years and lives near the sea but felt little is known of the local maritime activities. She was inspired to go out on a tugboat and film the actual operations of a tugboat meeting a large ship coming in to port and the work of its crew of three.

The Shadow Boxer
Drama Length: 12.31
Unable to overcome her sister’s death or compete with her legacy, Lyssa risks sabotaging her own boxing career and personal life.
Director: Phoebe Williams Producer: Hayley Surgenor
Phoebe Williams is a film student.

Just By Your Voice
Documentary Length: 11.24
Dileen Barwary, a 14 year old teenager, is about to embark on a journey to discover her place in the world, with other young talented performers, to spread her message that ‘you can make a difference just by your voice’.
Director/Producer: Guner Hussein
Guner is a first time film director. ‘Just By Your Voice’, was produced in collaboration with Big Red Films Inc. and Cinespace Inc, which received support from Victorian Government, Australia Post, Brimbank City Council and Duke St Community House. Guner, by profession, is an Australian Legal Practitioner and a Registered Migration Agent at RSG Law.

Science Fiction Length: 9.36
A young policeman in a dystopian future is forced to break the law he swore to uphold to save his unborn child.
Finalist: Best Tertiary
Director/Producer: Alisha Marfatia
Alisha Marfatia is filmmaking student and Surren was made after funds were raised through crowd funding.

Drama/Experimental Length: 6.00
With the intention of having a cleansing rest in the bath, Hugo is shocked to find the bathroom floor submerged in black sludge, rapidly flooding the entire room. A matter of life or death, Hugo is forced to escape the confines of his bathroom or to face his reality.
Finalist: Best Tertiary
Director: Lucien Perry
Producer: Mitchel Mahon
Lucien Perry is a 20 year old student film maker. Having recently completed his Diploma of Screen and Media at Swinburne University PAVE, Perry is now undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film & Television) at the Victorian College of the Arts. Tub is Perry’s debut short film.

The following film contains footage some viewers may find upsetting.

Give A Dog A Bone MA15+
Documentary Length: 10.26
Give A Dog A Bone is a film which explores the lives of knackery workers and comments on issues within the community and culture of country Victoria.
Director: Aubrey A Comben
Producer: Victoria College of the Arts.
Aubrey is an aspiring filmmaker.
* Cry Baby Session