Rating: PG
Length: 88 minutes
Session Times:
Sat, 17th Nov:4:30pm
Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy
Rating: PG 88’ mild animated violence
Cast: Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton
Director: Aaron Horvath, Peter Rida Michail

It seems that all the major superheroes out there are starring in their own movies -- all but the Teen Titans. Robin is bound and determined to remedy that situation by becoming a star instead of a sidekick. With a few madcap ideas and a song in their hearts, the Teen Titans head to Hollywood to fulfil their dreams. Things soon go awry, however, when a super villain plans to take over the planet -- putting the very fate of the young heroes on the line.


"Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" is loud, cheery and fairly relentless in its assault on your rib cage. The pleasingly rudimentary visual design, all bright colours and madly expressive eyebrows, is no more and no less than what the material requires."
Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

91% on Rotten Tomatoes
Critics Consensus: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies distills the enduring appeal of its colourful characters into a charmingly light-hearted adventure whose wacky humour fuels its infectious fun -- and belies a surprising level of intelligence.
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