Rating: M
Length: 85 minutes
But no, we can proudly announce this celebration of family, fairness and justice for all. And serenity. Just lot's of serenity.

20th Anniversary Charity Screening of the beloved Australian film THE CASTLE.
Q+A post film with host Tony Martin, and guests: Tom Gleisner, Santo Cilauro and Rob Sitch.

Tickets: Not $50, but only $49.99; includes complimentary drink on arrival, popcorn and your very own take home programme. (please note, no free tickets or comps)

100% of the proceeds will be donated to 'Igniting Change' and 'Cinema Loro sa'e'.

Genre: Australian Comedy
Cast: Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Tiriel Mora, Stephen Curry, Sophie Lee, Eric Bana, Charles 'Bud' Tingwell
Director: Rob Sitch
Co-Written By: Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy and Rob Sitch

Based on the saying "A man's home is his castle", the Kerrigan home, located in the outer Melbourne blue-collar suburb of Coolaroo, is filled with love and pride in their modest lifestyle, but, their happiness is threatened when developers attempt the compulsory acquisition of their house to expand the neighbouring airport.

That's the original synopsis, but we all know and love the film in ways it is hard to put into words. Film academic, Dr Michael Kitson however, is a wordsmith and would eloquently argue that The Castle stands unequalled in all the world as the film to have had the greatest influence on the venacular of a country. Come along to this one off event to relive this classic film in a full cinema, read Dr Kitson's article in the take home programme and partake in the Q&A after the film with the Working Dog team.

IGNITING CHANGE is a purposely small organisation that's passionate about sparking big, positive change with people doing it tough in our communities. Moved by the humanity and courage of the people with whom they are privileged to work with. Listening, remaining open-minded, uncovering what's hidden from everyday eyes, being guided by the people who experience the issues and connect unlikely experts to create new thinking and above all striving to give a voice to people experiencing injustice and inequality. Solid governance and independent funding enables the taking risks when backing outstanding people and organisations, cutting-edge investments that have a real chance of catalysing social change.

CINEMA LORO'SAE is our very own free travelling cinema that tours the towns and villages of East Timor. Now in it's 7th year and bringing cultural diversity to this neighbouring nation of delightful people. Australian films such as Paper Planes, Red Dog, Oddball and Finding Nemo have been dubbed into the local language Tetum.
* Cry Baby Session