Rating: G
Year: 1989
Length: 83 minutes
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Genre: Disney Princess
Rating: G 82'
Director: John Clements, John Musker

Based on the Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.
Ariel is a frustrated mermaid Princess in the city of Atlantica. She dreams of becoming human but is warned by her family that contact between humans and the mers is forbidden. One night a ship is wrecked in a storm and a Prince, Eric, is rescued by Areil who spends days singing to him until he awakens when she quickly swims away to avoid being discovered. Eric is beguiled by memories of a beautiful voice which he heard in the days he was lost and unconscious at sea and wants to find whoever it was. Ariel in the meantime discovers an enchantress, Ursula who grants Ariel a human form for 3 days - if she convinces the Prince to kiss her in that time, then she will be human forever! The price is Ariel's voice which she kept locked in a shell and this makes her quest very complicated!
* Cry Baby Session