Rating: EX15+
Length: 91 minutes
General short film program
Rating: E15+ 91'

Jane’s Audition.mp4
Comedy Length: 6.59
Jane decides to make an audition tape for a role she thinks will launch her into acting fame.
Finalist: Best Comedy
Director: Michael Jones
Producer: Caitlin Farrugia
Michael is an award winning writer/director from Melbourne. His debut feature film Lazybones premiered at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose before playing at Australian festivals including Gold Coast Film Festival and Revelation Perth International Film Festival. His short films have also played and picked up awards at numerous festivals around the world.

No Winners
Drama Length: 6.16
A father and son reunion becomes exploitative.
Director: Jack Pryce
Producer: Elyssa Morris
Twenty years old and passionate about directing, Jack Pryce has pushed himself in his two years of study, both writing and directing the short films Just in Case (2016) and No Winners (2017). Jack also has experience with documentaries, directing a short film in India entitled; Yoga: A Spiritual Understanding (2017). Jack aims to continue directing short films, experimenting in different mediums and genres, and creating content that brings everyone together through laughs, tears and smiles.

Milk in the Billy
Documentary Length: 15
When dairy farmer Kevin’s body gives way, after a lifetime of sunrises and mud, its time to hand the farm over to the next generation. Farming is all Kevin’s known and it turns out there’s a lot to know. Just ask the dog.
Director/Producer: Laura Grace
Laura Grace is a Sydney based documentary maker with an interest in everyday heroes - brewery workers, euchre players, small town collectors, bus drivers, people who are remarkable for being unremarkable.

Drama Length: 5.42
A man lost in the bush stumbles upon a meal but not all is what it seems.
Director/Producer: Marcus Stone
Marcus Stone has worked in the film industry for 20 years in most departments and sectors including; features, broadcasts, TVC, series, documentary and corporates in a multitude of roles including; technical producer, head of production, composer, cinematographer, writer, visual effects artist, stereographer and director.

Romantic Comedy Length: 7.00
While looking after the neighbour’s cat, Derek loses an engagement ring hours before he means to propose.
Director/Producer: David Todman
David Todman is a director, writer, and actor. Some of his previous works include Johnny Beretta, a comedy-noir web series and Mad Dog Magic a short film he co-directed with Alexander Forrester. Both have been official selections at a variety of film festivals locally and internationally. He recently appeared alongside Rob Sitch in ABC’s Utopia, and in Matchbox Picture’s Wanted. David currently lives in Yarraville with his wife who is allergic to cats.

UnHeard Of
Drama Length: 5.00
A young woman hears sound for the first time
Director: Jesse Boyle
Producer: Ashlee London
Jesse Boyle is an emerging filmmaker whose short films have screened in festivals around Victoria.

Di Atas Awan (Above the Clouds)
Documentary Length: 10.25
A connection between friends from different worlds upon the stunning mountains of East Java.
Director/Producer: Bruno Lettieri
Bruno Lettieri has been a teacher for most of his working life and, in the latter years at Victoria University, interviewed many Australian writers as part of the Rotunda series. He now runs the Twilight School project in Sunbury part time and freelances as Bruno Goes Everywhere.

Happy BirthDay
Drama Length: 3.15
This movie is about two children who have birthday in two different places. One of them is in Melbourne and another one is in the Nauru Detention Center.
Director/Producer: Mohsen Moases
Mohsen is a freelance filmmaker/director studying the Bachelor of Screen Production at Holmesglen Institute of Technology. He is interested in Surrealism and Third Cinema.

The Painted World of Alasius Pinkarmy
Drama Length: 14.2
An eccentric artist is on a mission to paint the best painting in the world.
Director: James Di Martino, Daniel Facciolo Producer: James Di Martino
Writer and Director of award winning films, The Lazy Barber and Congratulations. Executive producer of Award winning film Coinflipper.

Monster and Man
Animation Length: 9.52
A man loses control when his reflection reveals something shocking and sinister.
Director/Producer: Nelson Dean
Nelson Dean is a young stop-motion animator currently studying Animation at the Victorian College of the Arts. First becoming interested in film at an early age, his previous works include “Wizard Film” and “Vespula”
Passage of Flick
Drama Length: 9.52
When an adventurous young girl discovers the ability to time travel through a door in her bedroom, she must come to terms with the harsh realities of growing up.
Director: James Vinson Producer: Mark Harris
James is an internationally recognized filmmaker. His first short film, Sock Doc (2010), was selected for the Victorian College of the Arts Season of Excellence at Top Screens, and competed as a finalist in the Under the Radar Best Youth Short Film at St Kilda Film Festival. Since then James has written and directed a number of films screening all over the world, including the Cannes Short Film Corner, the Toronto International Film and Video Awards, and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Under The Weather
Animation Length: 14.14
United Kingdom
During a seemingly normal day Ed discovers a secret room, a crazy old man and a conspiracy that sets him on course for a life changing decision.
Finalist: Best Animation
Director/Producer: Patrick O’Mahony
An Irish animator, puppeteer, lecturer and director, Patricks work uses a sharp, colourful style that focuses on the fiction of life, fuelled by imagination and humour. His work has been shown in countries such as Italy, Canada and Greece. He has been teaching stop-motion workshops to various age groups since 2015. In his spare time he likes to enthusiastically tell funny stories to anyone who’ll listen and try to prefect a card trick he’s been learning since 2007.

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