Rating: G
Year: 1950
Length: 74 minutes
Disney Princess Film Festival
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Genre: Disney Princess
Rating: G 74'
Director: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Wilfred Jackson

Based on the fairy tale "Cendrillon" by Charles Perrault.Cinderella is the only child of a widowed aristocrat. After deciding that his dearly beloved daughter needs a mother's care, Cinderella's father marries Lady Tremaine, a proud and confident woman with two daughters from her first marriage, Drizella and Anastasia. Plain and socially awkward, these stepsisters are bitterly envious of the beautiful and charming Cinderella. After the death of Cinderella's father, Lady Tremaine and her daughters take over the estate, and begin to abuse and mistreat Cinderella out of jealousy. Their kingdom possesses a young Prince in need of a wife and the King and Queen have a ball inviting all of the maidens in the land to attend. Cinderella is permitted to go and she fashions a frock from an old dress of her mothers and some left over cuttings from her step sisters frocks. They are outraged when they see how beautiful she is and spoil her dress so that she cannot go. Enter the fairy godmother who transforms Cinderella's loyal household rodents and pumpkin into horses and a carriage and endows her with a beautiful frock and glass slippers on the proviso she will return before midnight when everything will return to normal. Cinderella is at the ball and the Prince is enraptured by her loveliness, alas, she must leave in a rush before midnight and before revealing her identity she loses a slipper. The Prince in possession of the slipper is determined to visit every maiden in the land to find Cinderella and at last, after the step-sisters fail to fit the shoe, Cinderella produces the pair and the Prince has found his bride to live happily ever after with
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