Rating: M
Length: 117 minutes
Session Times:
Thu, 30th Mar:9:10pm
Fri, 31st Mar:4:05pm
Sat, 1st Apr:9:20pm
Sun, 2nd Apr:4:05pm
Mon, 3rd Apr:9:20pm
Tue, 4th Apr:4:05pm
Wed, 5th Apr:9:20pm
Winner of 3 Academy Awards Including
Best Picture
Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali)
Best Adapted Screenplay

Genre: Drama
Rating: M 111’ drug use, coarse language, sex and violence
Cast: Naomie Harris, André Holland, Mahershala Ali, Janelle Monáe
Director: Barry Jenkins
Writter: Barry Jenkins
A timeless story of human connection and self-discovery, Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighbourhood of Miami. At once a vital portrait of contemporary African American life and an intensely personal and poetic meditation on identity, family, friendship, and love, Moonlight is a groundbreaking piece of cinema that reverberates with deep compassion and universal truths. Anchored by extraordinary performances from a tremendous ensemble cast, Jenkins’s staggering, singular vision is profoundly moving in its portrayal of the moments, people, and unknowable forces that shape our lives and make us who we are.

"Moonlight is both a disarmingly, at times almost unbearably personal film and an urgent social document, a hard look at American reality and a poem written in light, music and vivid human faces." – A.O. Scott, New York Times
"It just needs to be watched and embraced, as an entirely fresh example of the power that great movies can exert on our lives." – Peter Howell, Toronto Star
Critics Consensus: "Moonlight uses one man's story to offer a remarkable and brilliantly crafted look at lives too rarely seen in cinema." 98% Rotten Tomatoes
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