Rating: M
Length: 83 minutes
Genre: Arthouse
Rating: M 83' Sexual references and coarse language
Cast: Emily Barclay & Benedict Samuel
Director: David Wenham

In the middle of a crowded city the paths of two strangers, a man and a woman, collide. This accidental, chance occurrence sets in motion a chain of events that sees the two strangers embark on a night of adventure and connection that challenges their separate lives.

ELLIPSIS is a film about the random nature of life and human interaction and the small choices that can set our course. Set in Sydney over the course of one night, it is also a portrait of the city and it's inhabitants. The film celebrates the distinct nature and idiosyncrasies of the people that live and work there.

"Wenham's first feature is striking" - Hollywood Reporter

"A high-spirited and humane dramedy with a sparkling joie de vivre and an infectious passion" - The Guardian ★★★★

"A night of whimsical discovery" - Variety
* Cry Baby Session