Rating: PG (Mild themes and animated violence)
Genre: Family
Director: Gary Wang


Blanket and Cape are cats, father and kitten, living in a comfortable apartment in Chongqing … until the curious Cape decides to set out on an adventure to find the legendary cat paradise, Peachtopia. 

Pampered house cat Blanket has been raising Cape on his own, ever since the kitten’s mother vanished. And with Cape’s daring escape into the world outside their window, Blanket must not only set off in search of his impetuous young son, but must also reckon with his own past. Accompanied by a chatty parrot named Mack, the older cat confronts his fear of the outside in order to bring his son home.

Inspired, in part, by a 4th-century Chinese fable about the mythical source of the peach blossoms – a land in which humans and animals live in harmony, with each other and with the world around them – Cats looks gorgeous. The stunning vistas and cityscapes are based on real-world views, and rendered with exquisitely detailed CGI, while the furry and feathered cast is adorable. The bond between Blanket and his son is touching and sweet, and the lessons both learn along the way, about each other and about the world, are layered and poignant. Featuring original songs by Chinese rockstar Xu Wei and Taiwanese pop singer Emil Chau, Cats is a memorable, atmospheric film for the whole family.

Official Trailer