Sun Theatre Yarraville

Sun Theatre

8 Ballarat Street
Yarraville VIC 3013
(03) 9362 0999

(03) 9362 0336

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Being on the best side of the Yarra, the good Lord has looked upon our Village and smiled.

There is bountiful parking behind the cinema and we are also adjacent the Yarraville train and bus stations for pollution – free(ish) travel to the Sun.

Please respect the local residents when parking (oh, and the parking inspectors are very efficient…) and keep the noise to a minimum when leaving late at night.

While financial pressures in this life prevent us from offering discounts to those who come by train, bicycle, on foot or in their new hydrogen fuel cell electric cars, we are prepared to guarantee in writing a 63% better chance of admission to heaven to those who make the effort.