Are you ready for a challenge? Solve the riddles and clues to earn points and unlock rewards! Answer all the riddles and a special bonus clue to enter the draw for a Golden Ticket, granting the winner three months of free movies at the Sun!

Let the riddle adventure begin!

1. Collect Your Riddle Sheet  Pick up your Riddle Sheet from the Sun Theatre with any ticket purchase between June 28 and July 14.
2. Local Business Riddles – 50 Points   Use the riddle to find the local business In the window you will find a trivia question. Write your answer to the trivia question on the Riddle Sheet (not the business name).
3. Public Place Riddles – 50 Points  Read the riddle carefully to identify a location in Yarraville. The riddle will prompt you to find a specific feature at the location or provide instructions to find the answer. The answer is not the location – pay close attention to the clues in the riddle.
4. Daily Bonus Clues – 200 Points   Find bonus clues on Sun Theatre Instagram & Facebook stories to collect bonus points. The bonus clues are screen grabs from classic movies. Name the movie to win the bonus points! Only one bonus clue points can be redeemed for rewards but feel free to answer them all!
5. Submit Your Answers   You can answer all or some riddles. Return your sheet to the Sun Theatre to redeem your points for fantastic rewards!
300 Points – Free Small Popcorn
500 Points – Free Large Soft Drink
800 Points – Free Movie Ticket
800 Points – Go into the draw to win a Golden Ticket entitling the winner to three months of free movies.

1. Participation  To participate, collect your Riddle Sheet from the Sun Theatre. You can answer all or some of the riddles provided.
2. Multiple Entries  Each participant can submit only one Riddle Sheet for the duration of the promotion.
3. Fair Play  Please play fairly. Sharing answers or clues with others is not allowed.
4. Eligibility  The promotion is open to all ages. However, participants under 18 years old should have parental or guardian consent.
5. Contact  For any questions or assistance, please contact the Sun Theatre staff.
6. Dates  Enter and claim rewards between Friday 28 June – Sunday 14 July 2024 inclusive.