Rating: MA15+ (Strong coarse language)
Duration: 95 mins
Cast: Neil Maskell, Sura Dohnke, Marvin Maskell
Genre: Drama
Director: Ben Wheatley



Colin Burstead plans to ring in the new year with his extended family at a lavish country mansion. Burstead family gatherings are usually explosive affairs, but Colin is determined that this one will go smoothly. Unfortunately, his plan is stymied by the reappearance of his brother David, the family’s black sheep. As tensions rise and the clock ticks towards midnight, the one thing the Bursteads can count on is plenty of fireworks.

★★★★★ – Culture whisper

“Breathlessly funny with fast and seething insults, uniquely crafted to every character.”

★★★★ – Empire
“biting, bitter, irreverent and funny.”

★★★★  – Scotsman
“A nightmarish vision of familial disharmony…”

– The Guardian
“Every minute of this film has something of interest, every frame is well composed.”

– Film Inquiry
“Ben Wheatley has crafted a very funny, very real family drama that shows a simple universal truth: all families are weird.”

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