Rating: M (Sexual references and coarse language)
Duration: 112 mins
Cast: Sharon Horgan, Kristin Scott Thomas, Amy James-Kelly, Robert Whitelock
Genre: Drama
Director: Peter Cattaneo



Thursday, March 12, 8.45pm
Featuring the Pitchface Choir & a complimentary drink on arrival.

Pitchface is a community choir made up (almost entirely) of women from Melbourne’s inner west. What started as an idea among four friends over a boozy dinner, has grown to a joyous ‘no experience necessary’ singing squad of around 50. They belt songs you wouldn’t expect from a choir, have a particular love of late-80s ballads and the dance hits of the 90s, and are collectively making a strong case for double-denim to be an acceptable wardrobe choice.


Inspired by global phenomenon of military wives choirs, the story celebrates a band of misfit women who form a choir on a military base. As unexpected bonds of friendship flourish, music and laughter transform their lives, helping each other to overcome their fears for loved ones in combat.

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