Rating: M   (Coarse language)
Duration: 85 mins
Genre: Documentary


This delicious documentary follows a group of chefs who take part in a unique food festival in the Israeli city of Haifa. The feel-good – and extremely appetising – message of the film is clear: Arabs and Jews should unite over their shared love of food rather than fighting. Featuring freshly chopped Israeli/Arab salad, exquisite mussakhan (Palestinian roast chicken) and kreplach (Jewish dumplings) made to perfection, Breaking Bread is a mouth-watering film about hope, collaboration and exotic fare. 

‘Peace in the Middle East has been an elusive dream for decades, but, Hawk suggests, perhaps the answer is peace through food.” David Stratton, The Australian

‘The result is a gourmet guide to the disparate historical shifts that have gone into the making of the country’s multi-faceted population.” 
Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

Official Trailer