Rating: R18+   (High impact themes and violence)
Duration: 104 mins
Director: Andrew Dominik
Cast: Vince Colosimo, Eric Bana, Simon Lyndon, David Field
Genre: Biography, crime, drama


20th Anniversary

Chopper is Mark ‘Chopper’ Read, real-life convict and bestselling author of How to Shoot Friends and Influence People. His story is frightening, savagely funny and twisted.

The son of a devoutly religious mother and one-time soldier with a fondness for sleeping alongside a loaded gun, Chopper dreams of making a name for himself as a legendary crime figure. He begins his journey as a wisecracking criminal failure inside a maximum-security prison, but he manages to twist his violent life into a story that fascinates and polarises both press and public.

Warning: Trailer contains course language

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