Rating: CTC





Friday June 18,  The Davis 7pm
Hosted by Sam Gebreselassie


The Widow      Australian            Drama

Dir. Brendan Young

Melbourne, Australia in 1965, a Sicilian widow fights for her life when members of the local Calabrian mafia murder her husband and try to seize control of his produce business. God forgives…Sicilian women don’t!

Dur. 28:30


The Ribbon              The United States            Animation

Dir. Polla-Illariya Kozino

A young girl suddenly finds herself in a beautiful imaginary world. As she explores this enchanting place, the long ribbon of her dress gets caught, holding her back. As she pulls on the ribbon to break free, a completely unexpected journey begins.



Lady Lash          Australian            Doco

Dir. Rochelle Humphrey

Lady Lash is a Kokatha woman with Greek ancestry. Pushing beyond all expectations she has carved a successful career in the male dominated Hip Hop industry. Lady Lash inspired by her connection to country is rewriting her narrative, breaking stereotypes and singing up a storm of creative fusion.



The Black Spur           Australian          Doco

Dir. Themba Wahlstrom

Warren Meyer went on a hike early on a Sunday morning in 2008 around The Black Spur. He never returned. Ten years on, and we have a wild assortment of theories from organised crime to escaped psychiatric patients, to a sighting on the Italian riviera. Since his disappearance, his wife Zee has worked tirelessly to find out what has happened. There are many clues, but which of them can explain Warren’s fate?

Dur. 22:56

The Girl Who Cried Sick            Australia              Animation

Dir. Ruby Taylor

“The Girl Who Cried Sick’ follows a child hypochondriac as her escalating attention-seeking lies lead her parents to dismiss her complaints when she becomes genuinely ill. Inspired by the cautionary tale ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, this hand-crafted animation gives humour and heart to a grim true story.



Mother Tongue        Australian     Drama

Dir. Jessica Li

Seventeen-year-old Jane begins to embrace her background and rekindle her relationship with her mother when she becomes immersed in Chinese culture at her younger sister’s new language school.