Rating: M   (Supernatural themes and coarse language)
Duration: 90 mins
Director: David Willing
Cast: Kestie Morassi, Jane Badler, Taysha Farrugia, Louise Siversen, Darcy Kent, Matt Crosby, Ellie Stewart
Genre: Horror


A paranormal horror about single mother and nurse Natalie (Kestie Morassi) who falls mysteriously ill and struggles to stop her family from being destroyed. Haunting imagery, chilling plot twists and an amazing cast makes Surrogate one of the stand out independent Australian horror films in years.

Surrogate has a very local flavour to it with many of the cast and crew Westies. Co-writer and directed David Willing lives in Seddon, his housemate Renee Schulz created the gruesome make up, the eerie soundtrack was composed by Footscray resident Mark Buys, cinematographer Ben Luck of Sydenham and Producer Haris Fazlic’s studio is based in Sunshine.


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