Rating: M   (Coarse language, sexual references and brief nudity)
Duration: 102 mins
Director: Annika Appelin
Cast: Peter Stormare, Ida Engvoll, Marie Richardson
Genre: Comedy, drama, romance
Language: Swedish with English subtitles


SAT AUG 20, 4.20pm

Food is the way to the heart in this entertaining and heart-warming story of love, food, friendship and second chances. When a sudden change forces Karin to re-evaluate her life, an old school friend Monika persuades her and their mutual friend Pia to join a cooking class led by renowned chef Henrik – and so begins the Tuesday Club. In the hot kitchen among exotic spices, amazing food, old and new friends, more than one of Karin’s long-lost passions are reborn as she refuses to accept that life has an expiration date and realises it’s never too late to chase your dream.

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Sat 20th Aug:

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