Rating: PG   (Mild themes and coarse language)
Duration: 87 mins
Director: Alex Lykos
Genre: Documentary


Can u live without ur phone?!
A new film from the creator of Alex & Eve, Me & My Left Brain, Jawbone, It’s War.

This dynamic film about our smartphones will entertain you whilst making you re-examine your relationship with your phone.

The film centres around Alex who disconnects from his smartphone for 30 days.

How will it impact his life? How will those around him react? Will he be happier or unhappier?

Disconnect Me will innovate the cinema-going experience by inviting you to interact with the film using your smartphone – you WON’T be asked to turn your phone off, YOU’LL BE ASKED TO USE IT!

Alex shines a light on the social impacts of smartphones, social media, and AI whilst interviewing children, teenagers, adults, and experts in their respective fields.

Whether you’re a parent, a teenager, single or in a relationship, this is a film you MUST SEE!

Official Trailer