Rating: MA15+ (Strong themes of sexual violence)
Duration: 130 mins
Genre: Political drama
Rating: MA15+ 130’ strong themes of sexual violence
Cast: Sayani Gupta, Ayushmann Khurrana, Kumud Mishra, Isha Talwa
Director:  Anubhav Sinha

                               Language: Hindi with English sub-titles


Set in a tehsil called Lalgoan, somewhere in Uttar Pradesh (India), this is a story of an IPS officer, Ayan Ranjan and his fight against ‘India’s caste system’. First day in office, Ayan witnessed a horrific crime against three Dalit minor girls from a lower caste village Harimanpur. From this very moment, he gets entangled between how the traditional system would deal with it and his basic human instincts that threaten to draw him deep inside. While struggling to maintain his relationship with his wife, a conflicted Ayan can see the law and justice drift away easily, knowing perfectly well that any effort from his side to obstruct this perfectly oiled machine and its psychology will be catastrophic. With one of the three girls still being missing and the opportunity to let this case go through inertly, Ayan would need to choose between a path, where he can either come of age or take an easy escape route which most of us prefer.


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