Rating: EX15+
Duration: 120 mins



Rouge Program presented with WIFT
The Davis Sunday 4pm
Trigger warning: Sexual violence MA 15+


The Ribbon              The United States            Animation

Dir. Polla-Illariya Kozino

A young girl suddenly finds herself in a beautiful imaginary world. As she explores this enchanting place, the long ribbon of her dress gets caught, holding her back. As she pulls on the ribbon to break free, a completely unexpected journey begins.



Video Girl    Australian    Drama

Dir. Megan Anderson

During a long night working at the video store Jasmine ponders where she is going in life or rather, where she is not.

Dur. 12:00


TAM             Australian             Drama

Dir. Noora Niasari

Tâm wakes up in a strange hotel room. As she pieces together the night before, she realises she is not alone.

Dur. 11:52


Machine Age       United Kingdom          Doco

Dir. Sarah Stirk

Machine Age is a visceral experience of the mechanised world of industrial egg production. Using investigative material, this short film immerses us into the sights and sounds of life behind the walls of a factory farm.

Dur. 6:40


My Sisters                  Australian         Drama

Dir. Jess  Kennedy

When June is invited by her younger sister to come over and chill, the last thing she expects is an interrogation about her lack of romantic relationships.



Lost and Found         Hungary        Animation

Dir. Éva Adorján

Theatre director Dadiow Lin recalls one of her 5-year-old dreams.



Agender               Australian         Drama

Dir. Susan Earl

A thuggy criminal swaps life in prison for a new body.

Dur. 6:36


Something Borrowed    United Kingdom    Animation

Dir.Micky Wonzy

Pen to paper, a sweet old woman (Jane Horrocks) can’t find the right words. But when she lends her pen to a hopeless young chap (Jason Watkins) a whirlwind of a chase ensues. Struggling to reach him, she begins to realise it’s more than just words that elude h



Ricochet       Germany       Drama

Dir. Mala Ghedia

Natalie is trying to piece back her life after her divorce. Isolated and despondent, she feels the weight of her world on her shoulders.  Unexpectedly, she meets musician Nick. He grabs her attention with his witty lyrics and fresh charm. Natalie takes the opportunity to digress to her former fun and vibrant self.  Their encounter could go either way and what’s left will stay with them forever.



The Curse    Australia       Black comedy                                                                                                                  Dir. Shanon Kulupach, Gokce Sel

A blood smeared Shanon frantically paces her bathroom. After the shock of realising she is covered in more places than she imagined, Shanon tries to get rid of the evidence until the source of the blood is revealed.