Bambini Sessions

Don’t let your social life go out the window now that bubs is on the scene – come along to our reserved sessions and participate in the entertainment of a great movie along with everyone else and their babies. Unlike any other cinema in Melbourne we also cater for the working parents and have bambini sessions in the evening so that you can enjoy the film as a couple. Cheaper than going out for dinner and no babysitters required!

SO, parents and carers of the west’s newest and brightest; we’ll see you on Wednesday!

[Easy booking is now available by clicking the session times above]

Please note: due to OH&S and fire safety regulations, unfortunately we cannot permit prams within the cinema but are more than happy to store them for you while you enjoy your film. Alternatively, if you happen to have a detachable capsule or bassinette, you’re welcome to take that through with you and pop it on a seat if one is available. We hope to see you soon, enjoy the movie!

If you can’t see a session, please look for theĀ B Blue B bubble next to the session times (as you see above)

B = Baby Session
L = Lounge Cinemas
SC = Sun Classics
35mm = 35mm Movie
4K = Ultra High Definition
70mm = 70mm
      = Sold Out
      = Filling Fast