Rating: MA15+   (Strong coarse language)
Duration: 106 mins
Director: Juho Kuosmanen
Cast: Yuliya Aug, Yuriy Borisov, Dinara Drukarova, Seidi Haarla
Genre: Drama
Language: Finnish & Russian with English subtitles


SAT JUL 02, 4.45pm

A young Finnish woman escapes an enigmatic love affair in Moscow by boarding a train to the arctic port of Murmansk. Forced to share the long ride and a tiny sleeping car with a larger than life Russian miner, the unexpected encounter leads the occupants of Compartment No. 6 to face major truths about human connection.

93% on RT and  winner of the Grand Priz in the Palme d‘Or category at Canne 2021

“This unconventional love story — which plays like a Richard Linklater film set in the Arctic circle — is a total charmer, and will have you reaching for an Interrail ticket immediately afterwards.” Empire Magazine

“Haarla and Borisov demonstrate impeccable timing and expertly tiny movements as they warm up to one another. Its something like love but without either sex or romance. And its a joy to behold.” Irish Times

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Sat 2nd Jul:

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