Rating: M   (Mature themes and coarse language)
Duration: 110 mins
Director: Paul Clarke
Cast: Peter Garrett, Martin Rotsey, Jim Moginie, Rob Hirst
Genre: Documentary


Contrary. Passionate. Outspoken. Over 45 years Midnight Oil helped shape modern Australia. This is their trailblazing story for the first time on film. Midnight Oil: The Hardest Line is the authorised documentary of seminal Australian rock group tracing their origins from the politically charged atmosphere of the 1970s to their rise as global icons.

Legendary music and activism are front and centre in this exciting documentary, created with unfettered access to seminal Australian rock band Midnight Oil, who emerged from politically charged 1970s Sydney to become global icons. Across a 45-year career ‘The Oils’ helped shape modern Australia with anthems like “US Forces”, “Beds Are Burning” and “Redneck Wonderland”.

Featuring unseen footage and interviews with every band member, alongside signature moments including the outback tour with Warumpi Band, their Exxon protest gig in New York and those famous “Sorry” suits at the Sydney Olympics, Midnight Oil: The Hardest Line traces the journey of Australia’s quintessential rock band.


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