Rating: MA15+   (Strong coarse language)
Duration: 84 mins
Director: Gabriel Carrubba
Cast: Liam Mollica, Olivia Fildes, Luke J. Morgan, Elias Anton
Genre: Drama


In the outer suburbs of Melbourne, seventeen-year-old Leo leads a seemingly typical life. Amidst hanging out with friends, bickering with his Italian family at the dinner table, going to school, and making out with his girlfriend Monique, Leo guards a secret he’s afraid to confront—a hidden truth buried deep within.

As Leo grapples with his inner turmoil, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to his best friend, Boof, and the quiet, introverted boy at school named Tom. These newfound feelings force Leo to confront his true desires and come to terms with his identity.

However, everything changes after a high school gathering when rumours about Leo’s sexuality begin to circulate, shattering his once stable world. Faced with the fear of rejection from those closest to him, Leo must navigate the uncertain waters of acceptance and love.

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