Rating: EX15+
Duration: 1 mins
Director: Anselma Dell’Olio
Cast: Terry Gilliam, Roberto Benigni, William Friedkin, Damien Chazelle



“If you think that everything about the great director has already been said, then you should see “Fellini of the spirits”, you will discover a new Fellini, revealing his intimate side and bringing us closer to him” Gian Luca Farinelli, Cineteca di Bologna

To celebrate the centennial of the Maestro’s birth on January 20, 1920, the documentary will explore, for the first time, “the hidden world” of Federico Fellini. It will draw on plenty of unseen materials from the archives of pubcaster Rai and state film entity Istituto Luce, in addition to film clips, to reconstruct and depict Fellini’s rapport with the spiritual and the supernatural. Besides Chazelle and Friedkin, the doc also features interviews with Terry Gilliam and Fellini’s collaborators Fiammetta Profili and Filippo Ascione, with his close friend journalist Sergio Zavoli and Italian scholars Andrea Minuz and Aldo Tassone, among others.

“It’s absolutely wonderful, very moving. Watching it, I was once again back in the world Fellini created, reliving so many of the cinematic moments that captivated me long before I even dreamed of becoming a film maker. His work continues to hold me completely in thrall. He taught me a new way of seeing the world” – Terry Gilliam

Official Trailer